Saturday, August 20, 2005

Lyrics to mess me up.

Why on earth did i puy Courtney Love beneath "C"? I must have been out of my mind/tired/drunk. "Americas Sweetheart" isn't one of my favourite cd's, but her lyrics always make me sweat.

(here i intended to quote one of the songs, but they are all so true and i was too shy)

They never really explain anything, but still they tell a lot.

Today Isak came over. He's a sweet boy in a pink lacoste shirt, and i read the cards for him lying in the grass and we talked about Monty Python movies. Then: some tea blend (for me) and the movie "Icelandic Dream". This is one of the best movies i've ever seen, please borrow it one day. The first sunny day here in a long time, and i'm sitting inside with the curtains down.
I also thought about getting a boyfriend today. It seems to be very interesting, and nice to have another place to sleep and eat, and another cd collection and clothes to borrow.


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