Thursday, August 25, 2005


Haven't we all tried searching on our name on the internet? There is a name for it, ego-googling or something. What is the name?

What i found was, except for all the pretty flowers, an interview from a music festival two years ago. I was caught because i was dancing and slamming on a saucepan (very rebellious!), and then i spent the morning at the police station and was found by the tabloid reporters on the way back to the tent. Ah! My wild youth - Mamma was very proud of me and told all the neighbours about it. It was like being a real celebrity for a week when people came up to me and told me that they'd seen me on the net. I can't say that i liked it, but then again i've never liked the spotlight. Not even with sunglasses on.
And yes; i wear exactly the same clothes as i do now, more than two years later. The borrowed checked shirt and the x-files t-shirt.


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