Wednesday, January 23, 2008


The sun was shining in Göteborg today. I went for a walk and took some pictures, but the best one i took later while visiting Veronica. We drank tea, made popcorn and talked about men. Her one-room appartment is as cozy as one can be and when i am there i am reminded about purple, a colour i like but often forget.



Blogger there´s_a said...

malva mín ég sakna thín.

22 February, 2008 23:02  
Anonymous Tinna said...

Hæ, Malva :o)
En gaman að þú skulir líka hafa svona blogg-tetur. Ég set þig á linka-listann minn ;o)

Bið að heilsa heim!

07 May, 2008 22:11  

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