Saturday, August 25, 2007


Hmm… not much to tell, i’m afraid. I’m eating ice cream but still feel a bit warm in the stomach. Maybe it is the tiny fever i had yesterday and today. No, i’m sure it is something else. At least i know that i’m looking forward to go back to Iceland! No, longing for it! Längta längta!

Summer, as far as i remember, has been rather cold and uneventful. The day after i wrote my last post (on the 2nd, that is) my brother turned 30. Great party! I still haven’t finished his lopapeysa (because of laziness, nothing else) that i planned to give him but he seemed happy anyway. The weather was good and the garden was green.
I’ve been to the countryside (the other place, not the island. The Inland Empire – ha ha), been to Småland, been hanging out with friends, lost my wallet and gotten it back, lost two cameras but might know where they are, gone shopping, collected heather and sorted out some clothes i will never use again anyway.
Today me and Karl went to the opening of the Art Biennial, made tortellinis w. mushrooms, watched an episode of Dr. Snuggles and went to fetch the lizard scull i had found on the heather hill.
Tomorrow i will probably do something else.

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