Sunday, August 26, 2007

den ständiga framtidsångesten och jag

My mother, my brother and i took a ride to the sea and through the neighbourhood. It is a nice place. I saw some familiar people in the food store, a couple in my age that i or someone else have been to school with and it struck me how far away i was from them, geographically at least, and that they both had each other and maybe they still lived around there, and maybe they were well educated and… and… who knows?!
Probably not. I’m a part of a spoiled generation – i dream about getting a house like my mum’s in a hidden paradise in a big city but i am not making an effort to get it.
Instead i’m loitering about, dreaming of adventures.

On TV today there was a documentary about an old couple moving to an old people’s home. They talked about their childhood together (childhood together! Too late to get a boyfriend like that, hm!) and their… ah. “we thought brazil seemed to be a good place and moved there”. Just like that! They had been moving around a lot and showed videos of themselves being young and having a pick nick on the beach. Smiling and waving. People were happier back then, weren’t they? Happier and walking and driving faster.
Maybe it was the speed of everything that made them happy? Or just speed as in C6H5CH2CH(NH2)CH3 , what do i know? No time for worries anyway.

And as long as i move around and maybe have pick nicks on beaches and videotape it all i’m excused for not buying a house and settle down in my hometown.
And that’s a relief.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice, you should write.

27 August, 2007 00:21  
Blogger malva said...

But i'm reading Englar Alheimsins at the moment and i both admire and envy Einar Már for being so... clear and precise.

And i wonder; is this something that only comes out of practice or is it a natural gift?

27 August, 2007 13:20  
Anonymous Ida said...

Menar du att saker och ting gick fortare förr i världen? Är det inte tvärt om?

30 August, 2007 13:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Probably a combination, like most skills.

31 August, 2007 03:10  
Blogger malva said...

njää.... jag tänkte mig väl "förr i världen" som jag har sett det på film, att allting går lite snabbare. Eller inte tänkte mig, men spånade lite.

01 September, 2007 15:31  
Blogger Rymdälg said...

Man kan ju filma sig själv och sina vänner och snabbspola filmen framåt. Då ser allt väldigt livat ut...

14 May, 2008 13:04  

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