Thursday, December 28, 2006

every little thing that is discovered

Ok Andreas, maybe we are not that pretentious, but we are clichéd as hell. It was somewhere between taking arty pictures with my new camera, listening to Tom Waits Nick Cave Einstürzende Neubauten Skinny Puppy and talking about Bret Easton’s new book Michael Moore Chomsky Dostojevskij Kafka Dave McKean Laibach and NSK and… I’m almost too ashamed to say this… the war in Iraq

…That i realized this.

But it was nice anyway. We watched a stupid horror movie, played with the cat, drank beer and ate candy. Andreas truly is a good friend.

And at the moment i like being in Göteborg. Yesterday we listened to Ghostman by Skinny Puppy that always reminds me of Susanne and sometimes of our several hours walks in the neighbourhood. Walking around here, on pavement and by the sea and sometimes read is almost all i want to do.

I know that i can’t have everything all the time. Yesterday i wanted Stebbi to come over and drink beer with us, and i wanted Gudni to stop by at the party on New Year’s Eve and have a drink with me, but it all gets so difficult when there is no tram connection between Reykjavík and Sweden. Nor is there teleportation.



Blogger Gudni said...

Ye, I´m doing my best on those teleportation tests of mine but as you know all ready I´m always that busy that I get no work done;)

Some other time then?

28 December, 2006 15:11  
Anonymous Stebbi said...

And I will see what can be done about a railroad to the mainland.
Wish I was there. Say hi to the forest.

29 December, 2006 16:11  

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