Thursday, December 21, 2006

Beware of The Friendly Stranger

I recognize this Boards of Canada song! Salad Fingers..? Dearest sister Rosa, how i'm looking forward to hang out with you and look at stuff on the computer while eating your food experiments.

Apart from that, i'm not really.. It is not that fun to leave.
Met up with Joost and Óli yesterday, tried to socialize and wake up Dóri but didn't really succeed. Went to Ölstofan, ran into someone i danced with once upon a time in spring and went back to Fjólugata to burn some cd:s and stare into the wall.

And sorry; Siggi, Steini, Sigurgeir and all the other people i didn't have the time to say goodbye too: you know i'll be back.


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