Friday, August 18, 2006

last helmets

Tonight i'll go to what might be Hjálmars last concert - before they split up. It is a strange thing that it will happen in Göteborg and that i will be there, far from Bónus, Laugavegur and video nights with friends.
But we all know that nothing is ever going to last forever. Which is very good, in a way.
Next week i'm leaving for Berlin, and this might as well be the next chapter in my life. I wonder what awaits me there... sure it must be something? I discussed clubs and job careers with Susanne today and... mmm... it feels good.
My mum made food for the two German gestir that will come soon. She's really the best. Whit wine and David will be added to make the evening complete.

Song of the day: Sleep by Bang Gang


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