Monday, August 28, 2006

all we ever wanted was everything

I suddenly ended up alone in Berlin.

Waking up on sunday morning without David next to me in an empty appartment was quite a shock. I was utterly alone with no plans whatsoever.
Cried a little and thought, pardon my language; "what the fuck am i doing here?!"
Relaxed and took a look at the flea market, and went many streets away to find a cash mashine.

Today i was happier and bought:

Front 242 - Front By Front
Bauhaus - The Sky's Gone Out
Bauhaus - Burning From The Inside
Fad Gadget - Best of
K.U.K.L - The Eye


Anonymous David said...

Well, Malva, I cried a little too; on Monday morning. But, at least you can comfort yourself with cheap beer and Karl-Marx-Allée...

28 August, 2006 23:05  
Blogger Gudni said...

All good adventures take place in the mind to begin with.
Just imagine all the people you´ll get to know and hopefully care a little about!.

Good to know your safe and sound in Berlin. Let´s keep in touch.

29 August, 2006 14:05  

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