Tuesday, April 11, 2006

i suppose i longed for yesterday

ach ach.
While other people write witty blogs about world news and philosophy, i only tend to write about my private life and most intimate feelings. And to excuse myself for not writing a blog that is interesting enough.

Oh well...
Weekend felt lonely. Lonely in the way you are when you're not in a relationship anymore. So hey, what do one do? Gudni put strong loving arms around me when they played "God only Knows" by Beach Boys (why did i ever think it was Beatles?) in the early morning at Bar 11 when i was drunk and sad, and in the end i went to a friend's place and slept there. It wasn't the same, really, and my hair and body had a new strange smell the following day. I'm sure i took a shower.
On sunday i indulged in old smells that i like: my favourite perfumes, and i even did some shopping! A hat that people found nice and a headset since i've dowloaded Skype.
The whole weekend ended with me getting a new friend, and monday (oh, sweet monday!) was the perfect monday with video watching in the evening.
Lífid er yndislegt!


Blogger Siggi said...

Political blogs tend to be the most boring ones, at least that's not what I want to read in a friend's blog. I think a healthy dose of sincerity and the person's common interests is the best combination. And inane one sentence entries about nothing at all is completely unneccessary.

You're a sincere pen.

12 April, 2006 00:26  
Blogger malva said...

Thanks for nice feedback.

25 April, 2006 03:02  

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