Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Bite me.

Teeth! Teeth are important; dreaming about loosing teeth seems to be one of the most common dreams. I dreamt about it not long ago - it has something to do with feeling weak, right? This night i had two pets, a leguana and something as big as me, and the big animal got angry, took the lizard in his hand and squeezed it to death and threw it at me. It was nothing more than a wet little skin and i screamed.

I like the teeth of Einar, Moby, Zaphod Beeblebrox and some man i was chatting with from Scotland.

Whose teeth do you like?


Blogger Vordai said...

Jag gillar Jonnis tänder, de är så fel på något sätt.

12 January, 2006 01:27  
Blogger there´s_a said...

malva, bra att du bloggar igen!jag har inte had lust för det, äh, in the past few months... tänder är konstiga saker.puh, gra dag.

13 January, 2006 15:26  

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