Friday, March 17, 2006

Ach ja. Working and sleeping, this seems to be my life at the moment. I have no time to read the books i so much long to read, and my social life is falling to pieces. At least, that's how it feels.
...Om jag var vaken skulle jag ge dig allt det där jag aldrig ger dig...

I was waiting for my tea to cool down and now it is cold. Tea was one of the things i believed in and now it is...

Ah. i'm behaving like an idiot. The tea got cold because i waited for too long. Sometimes i really have impossible expectations on things and people around me. To tell you the the truth, most or perhaps all of the people i know are fantastic people. It is just i who never see the daylight.

And one boy made of stone on an island far far away from this one has a heart of gold. Well hidden, of some reason.


Anonymous den som said...

Vem är pojken?

26 March, 2006 19:49  

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