Thursday, March 02, 2006

I wish this would be your colour

It is funny. I was thinking about my friend Andreas today, the one with red hair, and i tried to find the song who reminded me the most about him. Because, as i told Kristján, lyrics are good when you try to find things.
Anyway, i miss Andreas and tried to find him in a song.
The song is called Sabrina which is also the name of a friend i visited today. I promise! I didn't know the name of the song until i looked up the lyrics!
What was also funny was that i felt like getting a family when visiting her. Shit, man... a family. A home, some children and a man who drills holes in the walls.

Andreas, jag saknar dig! And i miss the late nights and early mornings at your place, as i did last spring when i was also in Iceland. I'm so emotional tonight, got tears in my eyes when watching a music video.
Nights with good movies and biscuits from your cupboard, in the kitchen. Or toasts by the kitchen table.
It is strange to be at home in two worlds.


Blogger Vordai said...

Jag vet, det är det märkligaste av märkliga ting. Var hör vi hemma egentligen?

Imorgon svänger vi klackarna i taket Malva min!

03 March, 2006 03:37  
Anonymous white tea said...

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Keep up the good work.
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03 March, 2006 05:02  
Blogger Gudni said...

Ooohh that´s just sweet:)

03 March, 2006 12:45  
Blogger Gudni said...

I do have a blog(other then my poets) but it´s in icelandic:(
I could trouble myself to translate if you want to!!

Going to the countryside this weekend along with family and my trumpet. Off to cure mad cow.
Have a great weekend! Luv Guðni

03 March, 2006 18:46  
Blogger there´s_a said...

it is that black, it is that black. it is that black, it is that black.

07 March, 2006 21:32  

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