Sunday, August 20, 2006

...and where did that libido go?

I can’t wait much longer for Berlin!
I’m ageing over here. Nothing is happening. Today i didn’t even leave the house.
I feel old.

Started to read 101 Reykjavík today and i was horrified. Is that how people look upon one another? Is this the closest you get to love and emotions?
Is it really that fun to live a life when nothing is real?

I want a real life. While waiting for it i could as well go off to sleep.


Blogger Siggi said...

I haven't read 101 but of course it's a really sad portrait of a young man's reality - and Hallgrímur's sense of dry humour.

I've read incredibly few Icelandic books :-/

Hurry up to Berlin! I think I might be spending next year's summer there, studying in a German language school. Wir sprechen Deutsch!

21 August, 2006 00:53  
Blogger Yasser said...

i was having this discussion with a literature professor once and he told me that if you sit down and read for a month all northern european literature you will get so depressed you will not want to live anymore

22 August, 2006 21:44  
Anonymous Ida said...

jag fick ett nytt lösenord idag, till datorerna. Det börjar med old....
Kändes bra. kram

24 August, 2006 15:09  

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